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Ancient Therapies for Modern Illness.

The Balance & Harmony Of Body and Mind

Massage or Knot Cornwall


The hustle and bustle of daily life can take its toll on your body. Whether you sit in an office chair all day or play sports regularly, your joints and muscles experience stress that could lead to serious tissue damage. At the Massage or Knot Clinic in Newquay, Cornwall, we are committed to helping you prevent injuries and to improve your well-being through professional massage therapy services, nutrition advice and healing herbal medicine.

Hi, my name is Martina Crkonova. I am an Award winning massage and health professional, experienced in many body techniques, including Swedish, Thai, sport, Tui-Na, Lymphatic, Myofascial, Watsu, Remedial, Therapeutic, Tibetan healing technique, Cupping, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Reflexology, but also healing intuition. 

 As long as you are under my care, you can rest assured that your needs will be addressed and that you will be treated with compassion, professionalism, skill, knowledge and over 20 years of experience gained working globally with clients from all walks of life.

Cannabinoid (CBD) TH​ERAPY comes with CBD EXPERT!

 Using  Hemp plant within TCM for many  years and qualified at INTERNATIONAL CANNABINOID THERAPY CLINICAL MASTERY with ICCT Certification USA,  I have designed treatments using CBD infused massage oils, balms and salts to help deal with modern illnesses like stress and anxiety, chronic pain as well as offering CBD THERAPY training to spas, clinics or individual therapists who want to add the wisdom of this powerful healing plant to their offerings. As CBD became a fast growing market, it is also bringing lots of confusion about dosages, how; when and what to use to match your complaints. 

Get in touch to help you get well and stay well.

All our CBD products are third party tested and legal to use in UK. 

Our suppliers are Organics Hemp farm in Oregon, USA and Czech Republic.

We do not use any CBD products from local dispensaries! 

CBD massage therapy for athletes


With the growing acceptance of cannabis-related products, more and more research is emerging to prove the medical benefits of things like Cannabidiol, also known as CBD oil.

As an athlete, your body is subjected to high impact wear and tear, injury, and fatigue. At the end of a long event, or a long day of training, you will feel these effects of theses stresses and strains and it may impact your future performance. 

Book a CBD treatment and we will discuss the medical benefits associated with it, the best applications as well as how it can and will help you perform to your very best - from game time to recovery


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