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'Ancient Therap​ies for Modern Illness'

Wide choice of Body, Face and Complementary Therapies, Reflexology, 

Traditional Thai Massage; Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage...

 …to help you to 

Get Well and Stay Well.

The Balance & Harmony Of Body and Mind

Cannabinoid (CBD) 


 Overcome the confusion of CBD products in the market place. Receive experienced professional advice on treatments to understand the wisdom of this healing plant. We are helping many  people suffering with PTSD; Depression, Sleep disorders, Anxiety and many more modern illnesses.

CBD Therapy is brought to you by our CBD expert, Martina Crkonova, who is fully qualified and certified by the ICCT 

(Intentional Cannabis Clinical Therapy) USA.

All our CBD products are third party tested and legal to use in the UK. 

Our suppliers are organic hemp farm in Oregon, USA.

We DO NOT use any CBD products from local dispensaries!

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Wellness Clinic in Cornwall

We are a Complementary Medical Association approved clinic.

"I am delighted to welcome you to the Complementary Medical Association. First of all, I want to congratulate you on becoming a CMA Member, the world's leading body for elite complementary medical professionals and organisations. Your Clinic truly demonstrates your commitment to excellence and professionalism."

A personal note from Jayney Goddard, President, CMA

NHS Discounts Cornwall

25% Discount for NHS employees.

Our clinic is offering a 25% discount to all NHS employees. WE CARE because YOU CARE!

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