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Award-Winning Wellness Practitioners At Your Service

I started the Massage or Knot Wellness Clinic, currently based in Newquay, Cornwall, back in 2000 in the beautiful healing city of Bath. I have more than 25 years experience and have worked with clients across the world from all walks of life. During my time as a therapist I have been privileged to treat some famous Hollywood producers, singers, professional athletes and celebrities, as well as being honoured to help and care for people in chronic pain, depression and despair, in homeless shelters and during end of life care. 

The popularity of our Clinic is growing every day and all our Practitioners are handpicked and trained by myself, to ensure we deliver the most exclusive healing and result driven journey for your mind, body and soul. We humans are all the same and we all need love, care and happiness.  

We are looking forward to welcome you at our Wellbeing Hub soon!

Martina Crkonova

Massage or Knot Cornwall - Martina Crkonova
Wellbeing Clinic in Cornwall
Wellbeing Clinic in Cornwall
Massage or Knot Newquay Cornwall

Martina Crkonova, BSc (Hons)

Therapy Expert  

(aka The Massage Guru)

Even if you feel healthy, you may be worried about what could lie ahead. I am here to advise you on what would be best for your health and well being for the years ahead.

The stress we deal with on this planet is in some ways unavoidable, but there is still so much we can do. We can lead a life where we

truly know what it’s like to feel healthy. Our bodies, hearts, souls and minds can have more peace and joy. You deserve to feel your best. It’s your right to know how to heal. That’s exactly what I’m here for. To guide and support you in knowing how to heal. I can give you the information, steps and tools to move forward so you can know and understand just how good you can feel. I began my journey in wellbeing and healing back in 1997 as a sports physiotherapist; working with professional athletes, including an Olympic team, in my home country, Slovakia. 

My personal mission is "Changing the world's health one person at a  time". I believe that change begins the moment people become educated about their bodies. I have realised that my purpose in life is helping people. As a result, I have dedicated myself to educating individuals on the complexity of disease and encouraging healthy lifestyle habits. More especially, I now plan to educate all those who want to get well and stay well on the benefits of CBD, and to influence the standards and efficiency surrounding hemp research and applications after graduating from the International Cannabinoid Therapy Clinical Mastery studies.

My passion for how the human body functions, my interest in how to fix or, better still, prevent injury and disease, led me to enhance my knowledge. I am highly skilled in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), reflexology, water therapies, EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy), nutrition and clinical herbalism after spending many years learning with Masters of healing in China, Thailand, California and Europe. 

For years, decades even, you may have been searching for ways to feel healthier, happier, and lighter. You may have struggled with the lack of energy and strength to get through the long days and trials of life. Or, like many, you may have spent endless hours online and with

doctors, counsellors and health practitioners desperately seeking ways for you and your loved ones to feel better. After all of this, you may not be feeling much better at all. In fact you might be more confused and overwhelmed than ever before at the conflicting information at every turn. 

That is why you should give me a call and book yourself a treatment and start your wellbeing journey with my expert guidance.

NEW- Salt & Stone Practice

Due to demand for Results Driven Therapy, Martina will be moving from the Clinic to her own small practice called 

Salt & Stone, dedicated for Result driven therapy.

One of the unique offering will be adding healing properties of Himalayan Salt into selected therapies to address Respiratory problems, like Asthma,  Long Covid issues, Lung infections, CF(Cystic fibrosis) as well as skin conditions.

Take me there

Massage or Knot Newquay Cornwall

Miss Maria Aplin

Body & Face Therapy Practitioner; Lomi-Lomi Therapist

Reiki Master


We are honoured and very privileged to have Maria in our team of passionate and skilled therapists at Massage Or Knot Wellness Clinic. 

Maria's therapy journey started when she wanted to help others who feel pain and discomfort in their body. Her compassion has led her to complete a Level 3 Body and Spa qualification at Cornwall College, giving her knowledge & expertise in Hot Stones, Swedish Massage, Facial Treatments and Pregna​ncy Massage. She has continued her training and recently qualified in Reflexology. Maria is a very intuitive healing therapist, and has a never-ending passion for learning new skills and wanting to become an expert in the field of therapy. 

Book with Maria to experience a relaxing and healing journey.

Massage or Knot Newquay Cornwall

Mrs. Charmaine Beal

Ayurvedic Massage Therapist & Yoga teacher 

Body & Face Therapy Practitioner


Taking care of your mind, body and soul.

Charmaine has been a therapist for 20 years, taking each year as an opportunity to add to her skills. As such, she has a vast array of skills to design personalised therapies to suit you.

Charmaine creates a gentle, healing environment and encourages you to slow down and relax as she uses the power of touch to communicate with your body - listening and responding to pain or discomfort.

Highly trained in Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Swedish Massage and many more modalities from Eastern and Western cultures.

she has an extensive knowledge of the human body to leave you feeling comfortable and, of course, nurtured.

With an emphasis on reconnecting with the earth, Charmaine is grounding and gentle in her approach to wellness.

Massage or Knot Newquay Cornwall

Ms. Titty(Tylly) Porrassalmi

Massage Therapist/Ayurvedic Massage Therapist &  Surfing Instructor


Passionate about everything Wellbeing, Titty joined us from beautiful Finland. 

Very skilled and warm massage therapists with gift for listening and knowing how to heal and care for you.

We are very much privileged to have Tylly in our team.

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