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What we have been wearing, has devastated our environment. Our mission is to be part of setting a new standard of ethics within the fashion industry. Take a stand with us, together we'll create a sustainable future.

Fast fashion is the second largest contributor to pollution on the planet behind oil. Over 10 million tons of apparel is thrown away and buried in landfills each year in the United States alone, where garments will sit for up to 200 years polluting the soil and local water tables. 

Hemp is non toxic and naturally bio degradable, decomposing in as little as 3 months. Growing this super fiber requires no pesticides, less water, and less time than conventionally grown cotton and other manmade fibers that harm farmers and our ecosystem.

Become a part of Organic Hemp Apparel and wear your T-Shirt for healthier Planet!

We're setting a standard by using materials that leave a positive impact on our planet's ecosystem. It's time for businesses to become conscious of our actions.

Hemp Clothing Cornwall
Hemp Clothing Cornwall
Hemp Clothing Cornwall
Hemp Clothing Cornwall


AVAILABLE COLOURS: White; Black; Brown; Charcoal; Olive; Grey

Classic Hemp T-shirt

- Anti-Microbial / Moisture Wicking

- Unisex / Organic / Eco Friendly

- Hypoallergenic / Thermoregulating

- 55% Hemp / 45% Cotton

Classic Hemp T-shirt
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