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Aromatherapy is a specific type of therapy that incorporates the use of scented essential oils into a massage. The massage involves alternating between gentle and harder pressure while using a specific blend of essential oils. The essential oils are diluted before use and are applied along with lotion during the massage. Not only is the client's body benefiting with the direct contact with the essential oils, but the oils are alleged to have specific healing properties upon inhaling after exposure. Sometimes, therapists even go as far as having clients inhale the oils through a diffuser and not only through mild exposure. Below are a few of the general benefits of a massage that incorporates aromatherapy:

Stress reducing;Anxiety reliever;Increased calmness and relaxation;Decrease in muscle tension;Pain relief;A reduction of symptoms of depression;Ease of pain from various conditions listed below:;Fibromyalgia;Chronic lower back pain;Myofascial pain syndrome;Arthritis;Insomnia relief; Temporomandibular  joint dysfunction;Peripheral neuropathy; Polymyalgia rheumatica; Premenstrual dysphoric disorder;Premenstrual syndrome; Rheumatoid arthritis


Cornish scrub & Raw Coconut Massage


Enjoy benefits of dry skin removal with Aromatherapy Himalayan salt scrub. Salt has anti-bacterial qualities, so it’s helpful for maintaining bacteria-free skin and preventing itchiness. The same abrasive friction between the salt and skin which causes exfoliation, also encourages the circulation of blood. That’s what gives the skin an attractive and rosy post-scrub glow. Full body exfoliation is followed by massage like application of Hydrating raw coconut, leaving you feeling fresh and your skin is cleaner, softer, feels firmer and looks rosier and younger.

This treatment is suitable for MEN and WOMEN.


Hydrating Facial-SUMMER


Boost your skin Hydration this Summer! 

Facial designed to boost hydration, radiance and appearance of healthy looking skin. Great for all skin types and all ages.