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Each season is an expression of the cosmic events that the Earth, and all of us living on her crust, are exposed to.

Although we are at the mercy of their whims, we are also lucky to live with four seasons each year because it gives us the opportunity to fully appreciate the cyclical nature of life.

Autumn is the season in which nature’s alchemy of purification – the letting go of all the excess of the summer and preserving what’s pure and valuable – is the most evident.

In the autumn the cycle of growth comes to a completion, fruits are harvested and seeds are ripe to the potential of new life. When the fruits begin to fall off the tree, the tree is ready to let go of its endeavour of giving and growing outwards, the leaves once green now turn yellow and drop off onto the ground to enrich the soil and nurture the new cycle of life.

The fruit on the ground gently rots providing the nourishment for the seed and potential new life that comes out of it. The sap flows downwards into the roots to the safe warmth of the Earth’s belly. The tree is ready to sit it through the quietude and solace of long autumn and winter nights.

Warming and Healing Paraffin Bath for Hands and Feet.

Paraffin wax aids to increase blood flow and relax muscles. Aside from arthritis, this wax can also be used to bring relief for fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. Furthermore, individuals suffering from scleroderma can benefit from paraffin wax treatment. This disease is related to the build up of collagen on the skin and other organs, which might eventually lead to serious complications when not treated. Wonderful treatment for cracked heels and dry skin.

We have Paraffin Wax for Hands and Feet as well with combination with manicure; pedicure or both. No nail polish will be applied.

Book online in Our Services page.


Enjoy the rhythm of the Nature with our new Clinic Offer. We would like to invite you to experience 50 minutes Treatment using seasonal ingredient within the treatment, followed by a healthy nibbles platter, Vegan friendly with elements of Superfoods and autumn influence. 

This package costs £33 per person and its bookable on line and available on FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY only.

Go to our Services page and select TREATMENT & TREAT option. Payment required in time of booking. 


We created fantastic yoga studio as a part of wellness journey at our Massage Or Knot clinic. Hand picked Yoga; Pilates and Fitness Instructors will be helping you on a Journey to get well and stay well. Find your Inner Peace with us...

We are offering yoga for ALL generations and levels. 

If you are a MEMBER of Massage or Knot Wellness clinic, your access to yoga classes is UNLIMITED!