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Meet Yoga Teacher ANNA CURNOCK...

Yoga Studio in Newquay Cornwall

Anna Curnock...

From a young age Anna went along to yoga classes with her mum, but it wasn’t until 2012, that Anna became really hooked on yoga and did her first training. In 2012 Anna left her city job and travelled to India searching for something different. Anna spent months immersing herself in traditional yoga in the South of India. Over the years her practice developed and she took a further training under her favourite teacher, the world renowned Meghan Currie. 

Anna now teaches classes led by breath with a focus on flowing poses and individual healthy alignment. Her classes take you on a journey to become fully immersed in the experience of the present moment. She works with movement and breath to open the body up, release tension patterns and connect you to the higher intelligence of your body. All levels are welcome so please come and join in...touching your toes is not a prerequisite! 

Yoga Studio in Newquay Cornwall

YIN YOGA - Wednesday at 6PM

The perfect class to let you completely relax for the evening ahead. Yin is a gentle more meditative style of yoga. Poses are held for longer to work into the fascia. This style of yoga is influenced by meridians and can help really release tension patterns that have been held in the body for a long time and release energy blockages. Classes have a calming affect bringing you back into the bodies parasympathetic or ‘relax and digest’ nervous system. The class is gentle but the work is deep and can have profound affects. All levels welcome.


Meet YOGA Teacher, GONG Practitioner and SOUND Therapist 


Yoga Studio in Newquay Cornwall

Jane Everett 

Jane has been a yoga student for 18 years, and teaches her creatively sequenced, accessible classes with uplifting energy and a sense of humour, weaving together a multi-faceted yoga practice that includes sound, reiki and ritual. Every class is accessible and body-positive, designed to be open to any and all yogis regardless of age, injury or experience. Music plays an important part in Jane’s classes, each of which is carefully themed to help educate students in yoga philosophy as well as support their physical progression. Jane’s classes are deeply rooted in the understanding that our movement practice is one of 8 limbs, a moving meditation on a journey to self-awareness that is available to absolutely everyone...

Jane continues...

Having initially trained at the Himalayan Yoga Institute in northern India before going on to study in a wide variety of programmes including the groundbreaking It’s Yoga International, Jane is certified in Ashtanga, Rocket, Vinyasa, Rajadhiraja and Yin Yoga, and is also a qualified Gong Practitioner and Sound Therapist. She is passionate about the vast medicinal applications of yoga and sound and is excited to further her future training with a therapeutic focus.

Yoga Studio in Newquay Cornwall


Tuesday 5:30PM-6:45PM

A unique gentle flow class plotted in tune with the lunar cycle, we explore the four female archetypes that feature in both our life arc and monthly flow. The class delves deep into the female form and psyche, working with soft flowing asana (movement) and pranayama (breathwork) specifically for hormonal balance, and introducing essential oils and shamanic drumming into the practice to enhance our study of the female experience. For women of all ages and practice levels.



Friday 9:30AM-10:30AM

The Modified Primary Series. This set sequence is based on the classical ashtanga tradition, but is remixed for the modern yogi, and to fit in to a shorter time frame. The perfect moving meditation to start your day, this class is a 5 breath count, so plenty of space for beginners to learn, and for more experienced yogis to progress. Options for all levels, with detailed personal assists to help refine and expand your practice. 


Yoga Studio in Newquay Cornwall

Meet Yoga Teacher 


Kali is an experienced practitioner and teacher of yoga trained in Hatha, Yin and Flow. A decade of practice, training and teaching have evolved to incorporate two ends of the spectrum from deep meditative yin to slow but strong hatha providing plenty of opportunity to immerse and connect within. She gratefully draws inspiration from some of her favourite teachers: Tias Little, Sarah Powers, John Scott, Leela Sarti, Thich Nhat Hahn, Bhante Gunaratana. As a meditation enthusiast, Kali shares guidance and insight from regular silent retreats and daily practice which has been profoundly transformative in terms of her own personal development. 


Monday at 6:45 - 8PM

A combination of somatic inspired movement, flowing and static yoga poses, breath work and mindful awareness of the subtle anatomy to cultivate strong foundations and stability in mind and body. By slowing down and tuning into the experience rather than rushing from one pose to the next, one is able to listen to the needs of the body and identify where one can push past limiting beliefs, or soften with loving kindness.


Meet Yoga Teacher 

Sarah Balmer...

Sarah has been teaching Yoga for over 5 years in Cornwall, and overseas whilst travelling in New Zealand. She began her teaching journey in 2014, after completing a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Allie Hill & Toni Roberts at Yogahaven London.

Since then she has trained under the guidance of Keren Cooksey at Falmouth Yoga Space, completing a Level 250hr course in Sequencing, Bhakti & Tantra Studies. She also attends regular CPD workshops when possible, taking advantage of the teachings of the many guest teachers that visit Cornwall.

In love with the playful element of the practice, last year she branched out into teaching Children’s Yoga, and completed a Children’s Yoga teacher training with Jane Cradick (Wellbeing Bees). Sarah’s classes focus primarily on breath work, and linking body movement with the breath to create flowing Vinyasa sequences. These sequences of Yoga postures are like a dance with your own breath, whilst strengthening the muscles, improving flexibility, and encouraging a greater awareness of

our own body and mind.

Sarah introduces a fun and creative playfulness to yoga, balanced with elements of meditation and relaxation in every class.

You will also find a philosophical theme woven into every class, aiming to spark thought and to take you deeper into the practice.

  • VINYASA FLOW YOGA ~ Tuesdays 7.30pm
A dynamic flow to energise & invigorate body, mind & soul. These classes build both strength and flexibility. Expect to walk away feeling uplifted! With options given throughout the class allowing you to make the practice suit your body, this class is suitable for all levels, although some experience of Yoga is recommended. 

BOOK with SARAH on-line at Massage Or Knot Wellness Clinic.


Yoga Studio in Newquay Cornwall
Yoga Studio in Newquay Cornwall

Meet Yoga teacher 

Ellie Murray…

Ellie first stepped on a yoga mat purely for physical reasons. As a windsurfing instructor in Greece, her body ached and she was keen to stretch and strengthen her muscles. It wasn’t until a few years later, during a surf and yoga retreat in Morocco, that she realised the practice went deeper than the physical level. Just like with surfing, yoga requires mental focus – being in the moment helps you to both catch a wave and flow through yoga postures. This awareness has deepened her practice, although the physical benefits are still a major reason she’s so passionate about yoga.

Ellie now teaches mixed-ability yoga classes, blending flowing sequences with attention to alignment. Her Surf Flow Yoga classes are ideal for surfers, but open to everyone. Each week is themed to target different muscle groups used for surfing, as well as flexibility, core strength, balance, breath control and focus.

Everyone is welcome – whether you've done yoga before or not, and whether you’re an experienced surfer or have never picked up a board (yet!).

SURF FLOW YOGA - Thursdays at 6:30PM

BOOK with Ellie on-line at Massage Or Knot Wellness Clinic


Meet Yoga Teacher Mytra Gallery...

Having practised martial arts for the past 6 years, I discovered Yoga to be the perfect counterpart. I was able to bring some of the mindful aspects and bodily awareness I had gained from martial arts into my Yoga practice. I completed my 200 hours studies in Rishikesh, India 2018. Since then I have developed a greater appreciation of the fundamentals of Yoga practice and the way in which it provides a strong basis for all sports and for mental and physical health well-being. Accessible to all levels!

Yoga Studio in Newquay Cornwall

BEGINNERS YOGA with Mytra - Friday at 6PM

The beginner class introduces the fundamental principles of alignment and breath work in a flow of postures linked together by the breath. Students will be introduced to yoga postures through step-by-step verbal description and demonstration. Emphasis is placed on student understanding, safety, and stability within each pose.


Yoga Studio in Newquay Cornwall

Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation sessions

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk, a chakra is a wheel of subtle energy within your physical and auric field where mind and body meet.

We focus on the 7 chakra system that runs along a super highway of energy called sushumna, through the centre of the body connecting the chakras from the root to the crown.

The Chakras form intersections along the super highway acting like a barometer for our external and internal experiences. Sensory Information comes in, is processed and stored or moved on from chakra into the body defining our experience of the world and our behaviour.



     Jules Horner...

I am a fully insured and qualified plant based & Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle consultant, Chakra dancing creative meditation teacher and holistic therapist.

I have taught holistic professionals for the last 5 years in Ayurvedic practices, designed and implemented new therapy procedures and training within the spa industry, and helped thousands of people regain balance. 

CHAKRA DANCING available every first Thursday of the month at 7:30PM.

Yoga Studio in Newquay Cornwall

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Meet Tai-Chi teacher


Tai Chi at Massage or Knot Wellness Clinic Newquay Cornwall

In Tim's words...

Tai Chi is the art of relaxation and mindful movement. Tim has been practising and teaching it for over 20 years. Based in Newquay he has travelled and studied extensively.

Tai Chi can be taught as a martial art but Tim’s focus is on health and wellbeing. He looks to convey why you might wish to engage in it and the potential benefits. The movements and shapes look to stimulate the flow of energy through the body which can be linked to specific emotions and behavioural patterns and act as a first aid kit on an emotional and physical level.

Whilst the Chi Kung can provide relatively immediate results the Tai Chi forms provide a deeper form of self development that is more subtle. The origins are from China going back some 5000 plus years. Their written form is the Taoist texts of the Tao Te Ching and I Ching.

Tai Chi Chi Kung / Shibashi Class


This class will focus on Tai Chi Chi Kung often known as Shibashi. These are solo movements and the foundation of the more complex patterns and forms of Tai Chi.

Included in the classes are insights into the Taoist philosophy. They give insight into why refining specific patterns of movement can refine our behaviour and the myriad of benefits it can bring us.

These classes are suited to beginners and experienced practitioners alike, to anyone who wishes to calm and energise themselves. Great for health and relaxation.

Tai Chi at Massage or Knot Wellness Clinic Newquay Cornwall


We'd like to hear from more Yoga, Pilates Instructors and all  Wellness Trainers to join our community.

We are always looking to expand our Yoga & Mindfulness offerings and all wellness activities. Let us know if you'd like to join as a teacher with your unique skills and arrange a viewing of the Inner Space Studio with Martina to explore all possibilities. 

Email: [email protected] OR call: Martina 07923 834334

Yoga Studio in Newquay Cornwall
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Yoga Studio in Newquay Cornwall
Yoga Studio in Newquay Cornwall
Yoga Studio in Newquay Cornwall
Yoga Studio in Newquay Cornwall